Monday, July 2, 2007

The Key To Success At The Casino

I'm going to level with you. The revelation that follows may not be a surprise, but don't discount it.

Ready? The key to success at the preparation.

Now hang on. Some people might argue that education is the key. But they're WRONG! Education is only part of the equation. Preparation is the missing link!

You see, education is when you learn something. But preparation is being able to take into account all the variables that will affect your results, and being able to counteract the variables.

So for example, perhaps you 'learned' how to choose a video poker machine. Now suppose when you get to the casino (after a three hour drive) there were only a handful of the desirable video poker machines. So you wait for one to open up. And wait. And wait!

If you weren't prepared to deal with this annoyance, perhaps you'd start dropping quarters into the nearby (undesirable) machines while you wait. Before you know it, you've blown your bankroll...and all you were doing is "passing time" waiting for a VP machine to open up. Oooops!

So you need to prepare for these events that derail your plans of winning at the casino. Maybe that means coming in the middle of the night when you have your pick of machines. Or maybe you need to make a decision that you'll wait 30 minutes and if it doesn't open up, you leave without making one wager. Or maybe this will be the day you hit the blackjack table and practice your basic strategy instead.

The bottom line: have a plan when you go to the casino, as well as a back up plan! You don't want to blow your bankroll just because "Plan A" didn't pan out!

Now I know you are one of the handful of smart gamblers who takes their education seriously, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this newsletter. But believe me when I say there are tons of folks who regularly run into the casino with the expectation of losing a few hundred bucks...and by golly, that's exactly what they do! They're neither educated nor prepared.

You're better than that. And you can close the gap between you and the casino. Get educated!


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